Our textiles are block-printed by hand in India using traditional techniques refined over generations. Using natural and eco-friendly dyes, each piece reveals unique characteristics in print and color. These variations are perfect imperfections—evidence of a human touch. The result is a unique and expressive aesthetic that can only be reached through this method, and the artistry of those who've mastered it.

Each of our original designs is carved into wood blocks by true experts, then printed by hand onto fabric. The carved wood block below is used to print one color of our Frame design. The fabric is first dyed with harda, as a natural mordant, allowing the dyes to bind with the fabric. Each block is then dipped in color and stamped by hand to create the repeating pattern. The process is repeated for each color, then laid out in the sun to fix the dye.

engraved block



photos by Khushiram Pandey