With backgrounds in fashion and graphic design, we started an archive of vintage textile swatches in 2007. Since then, apparel design teams have been coming to us for inspiration, as part of their process, to create their seasonal collections. Naturally, we began to ask, "Why not design our own textiles?"

In our common search for contentment, we imagine a place where everything is just right. We call it The Imaginary House. Maybe we'll never get there, but we can try! In this spirit, we seek to meld beauty and utility—art and pattern. Inspired by traditional craft, modern art, and architecture, we intend our designs to feel timeless and intrinsically natural.

In 2020, we released our first collection of original textiles, all expertly block printed by artisans in Sanganer and Bagru, India.

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Missi Pawlecki and Brian Caviness