We use natural dyes whenever possible. They have less impact on our health and the environment than synthetic dyes, and the colors are beautiful! In some instances, we use AZO free dyes, which are non-toxic—no harsh chemicals or heavy metals.

Natural Colors

natural colors

  1. Harda is a cream color made from the fruit of Harad, or Myrobalan. It is also a natural mordant which allows dye to bind to fabric.
  2. Umber is a golden brown that comes from mixing potassium permanganate (a crystal chemical) and natural gum.
  3. Indigo is shades of blue created from fermented leaves of the Indigofera tinctoria plant. This dye has a storied history.
  4. Kashish is a rich grey that is produced with ferrous sulfate, a compound that has been used as a colorant for ages.
  5. Black is made from solutions of rusted iron water and jaggery, both fermented for 25 days before use.